From Austin to Island Living: Our Big Move to Puerto Rico

April 11, 2024

Trading Texas for Tax-Free Tropical Living

After over a decade soaking up the great vibes in Austin, my fiancé, Brian, and I are shaking things up in a big way. We're trading in Texas for the Caribbean, packing our bags along with our fur babies, Alfie and Marco, and making the move to the tropical paradise that is Puerto Rico.

So why would we make such a big move? Two main reasons: embracing an entirely new lifestyle and taking advantage of some incredible financial opportunities. By establishing residency in Puerto Rico, spending at least 183 days per year there, we can legally avoid paying any federal personal income taxes. I'll let that sink in... zero federal income tax!

Being in our late 30s without kids, the timing seemed perfect to try an adventure like this with relatively low risk. Our calculations show the tax savings alone will basically allow us to live in Puerto Rico for free while banking extra cash for goals like buying a new home.

Beyond the financial piece of the equation, we're looking forward to a total lifestyle reboot: trading being so car-reliant and landlocked for daily walks on the beach and the same old routines for learning new skills like Spanish, surfing, and sailing, all while experiencing an entirely new culture. We also can't wait to further explore the incredible natural beauty of Puerto Rico's lush rainforests.

It was honestly a no-brainer decision for us. We're over the moon excited to dive into this new chapter and share our journey here on this blog. From navigating the residency process to settling into island living and even planning our "destination" wedding there, you'll get a complete insiders' look at making this dream move.

Join us in paradise

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